Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Life has been incredibly busy over the past few months, but we are doing well. Chloe continues to amaze me with all that she is learning. She recently started walking and is learning new words everyday.

We spent Thanksgiving in Houston this year and had a good time with family.

With the Gorman Girls

My dad has been volunteering with a hospice group, and Chloe and I went to visit some of his "old lady friends" while we were in Houston. Chloe was a hit and it was interesting to watch her stare so intently at the grandmothers when they held her. It looked as if she was peering deep into their souls.

Ms. Nelda

Ms. Nelda's husband was a pilot in the Air Force way back when and it was neat to share Air Force experiences with her. She has been to Osan, Korea and Misawa, Japan (two of the bases where we were stationed) years ago. She has bone cancer and was "not supposed to make it" to Thanksgiving. She has a strong faith in Christ and it was great to be able to discuss "life lessons" with her. She is 100% coherent and very witty and humorous. Chloe sat in her lap for a long time. We waited too long to get the camera out (it was nap time and she was growing impatient quickly at the end of our visit).

Ms. Dottie

Early morning after Thanksgiving

She Walks

We are looking forward to some downtime over the holidays. Thanks for checking up on us.