Monday, August 22, 2011


For more wedding pics and details of the day, go to

Kelly and Joe Hornberger donated their time and talents to capture our special day and we are so thankful.

Hornbergers, thank you for honoring God and blessing others with your lives.

These are the links to other donated photo sessions that the Hornbergers have done for us.

Galveston Engagement Pics -

Chloe's 8 month Photos -

Chloe's Newborn Photos - and

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Quick update...

This post is LONG OVERDUE, but life, along with all the changes that have taken place over the past multiple months have caused "updating the blog" to find it's place near the bottom of the never-ending to do list.

However, here is a quick update...

Jenny and I got married at the end of May on the banks of the Guadalupe River in Spring Branch, TX (about 30 miles north of San Antonio). We had a small ceremony with mainly family and some friends.

At the end of July, we spent a weekend with Brad Wims' parents up in Granbury, TX. Brad's mom, "Nonnie," snapped this picture of us outside of the restaurant after breakfast on Sunday morning. This is the best family photo we have taken so far. Good job, Non!

We are so thankful for the support that Brad's and Sara's families have offered as we embark on this new journey of life.

Here are a few recent pics of Chloe...she's growing up so fast.

The plan is for Jenny and I to combine efforts and start a new blog. However, that is still near the bottom of the to-do list...

Until next time, thanks for checking in on us.