Friday, July 11, 2008

Mount Fuji-san

The "ultimate Fuji experience" includes seeing the sunrise from the summit (12,300' MSL). Japan is known as "The Land of the Rising Sun" and this time of year the sun peaks over the horizon at 4:30am. We donned our headlamps and began the ascent.
After 5 hours of hiking, we reached the 8th stage at midnight and decided to rest for a few hours at the Fuji-san Hotel.

We reached the top just in time for sunrise, but the summit was COMPLETELY FOGGED IN!

We didn't get to see the sunrise, but it was still a great experience. The sunset the night before was pretty incredible.

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everyeyeshallsee said...

Thank-you for sharing your treasure with us, that though we have not met in this temporary life, we shall one day recognize one another, as was written in Scripture.
God bless the family with inner peace that passes understanding..