Thursday, February 26, 2009


Well, the journey to Hawaii is complete. After 12 hours of flying and an 18-hour stopover in Okinawa, we are now in Honolulu. The medi-vac operation was rather impressive. The flight crew and nurses were GREAT! The Air Force was airlifting a pre-mature baby (along with an entire NICU team), a patient from Korea, and Sara. We dropped off the baby in Okinawa and the rest of us flew on to Hawaii.

Sara and her own personal jet

We got off the airplane this morning and headed straight to Tripler Medical Center for the initial appointment with the Surgical Oncologist. The surgeon is not going to operate until they are sure what "the lump" consists of. We are going in tomorrow for some blood work and a chest x-ray (to make sure the lungs are clean and clear) and then on Tuesday, she will have a biopsy of "the lump" and lymph nodes.

Col DeLong (my boss from Osan) and Holly met us at the hospital and made sure we were taken care of. It's nice to know Colonels who get stuff done! We got a car from the Williams and then met Sara's family (who had flown in on Wednesday night). We're getting settled in and are hoping to get some beach time tomorrow.

So, there is your latest update. I rescind my previous statement about updating on a daily basis, but will update it when we get pertinent info regarding Sara (or do something neat in Hawaii).


Mindy Haig said...

Hi Brady & Sara,
Glad you made it safely to Hawaii! You are in our hearts and our prayers! If there is anything we can do, please call! Know that we are here for you! Delaney & Adam send their love. (Is there a place they can send mail to Sara?)
Love & Hugs,
Bob & Mindy

davidandanna2 said...

Thanks for the updates. We do love you guys so very much! Philip wants to send his Aunt Sara you guys have a mailing address where you are staying?
We send lots and lots of hugs,
Anna, David, Philip and Emalee

courtneycattb said...

Hey guys, I got this address from Lindsay we hope everything goes well next week. Enjoy your family and the warmth of the sun! Let us know if you need anything.
Love ya
Courtney, Glenn and Cole

Anonymous said...

Hey Sara and Brad,

Wanted to let you know we've been praying for you and put you on our church's prayer list. Love the blog and appreciate your willingness to keep us all posted and up-to-date. Glad to hear you made it quickly (relatively speaking) and safely to Hawaii and be sure to go snorkeling or surfing or something, but you definitely better eat some cheesecake for us all at the Cheesecake Factory! Much love to you and praise be to the Lord our Father for His love is so great and He sustains us through our trials! Keep up that beautiful smile Sara; we're behind you and pray you receive the best care and treatment to get you both through this latest trial. God bless, Jesse and Stephanie

mjakob said...

Hey guys,
I talked to Linda yesterday, she gave me the blog address. What a way to travel!! :) Just wanted you to know we are thinking about you. Hang in there! Edi sends kisses.

Love you,

Melissa-Mom to 3 bugs said...

Sara (and Brady),
Thanks for keeping us up to date. Glad that your trip went well and that you have friends taking care of you in Hawaii. Hope you can thoroughly enjoy your down time in Hawaii in spite of the circumstances that brought you there. Praising God for His peace in your lives and asking for miraculous results from the testing.

Calah said...

Hi Sara and Brady,

I just wanted to let you know that you are in my prayers and thoughts daily. Analisa sent me this address and I am so glad she did. Stay strong and always remember that you have people across the world that love you.

xoxo, Calah

sechristfamily said...

Hi Sara and Brady
Just wanted to let you know that we are praying for your peace and total healing! We serve a God of miracles -- we have seen his healing powers with our own eyes! Praise God! We know you seek to glorify Him above all things! Oh Lord, be in the heads, hearts, and hands of Sara's doctors! We love you!

P.S. Caleb has his whole class praying for you!
Chris, Carly and Kids

Donetta said...

Hey, Sweet Girl! Your wonderful pregnancy news would have been quite sufficient for all us north Texans! I am getting ready to contact every prayer warrior I know to get you guys covered!!! I will look forward to hearing all your GOOD news. Land's in SAT so maybe we can make a connection but only if you feel up to it?

You are so in our daily thoughts and prayers. We love ya, Girlie!

Donetta & Larry