Wednesday, May 20, 2009

C1 D3...

C1 D3 is chemo lingo for Cycle 1 - Day 3. Sara's nausea and vomitting SHOULD have developed 24 hours ago. We are happy to share that SHE HAS HAD NO SIDE-EFFECTS from this first dose of chemo. Most of her prescription anti-nausea drugs have been ingested and tomorrow is her last day to take the pills. If we get through 24 more hours, we should be home free for the first cycle. She has been tired, but nothing too bad. A few naps throughout the day and she is good to go. The doctors told us that day 7 - 10 (C1 D7 - 10) is when her blood counts will be at their lowest. She will be anemic (due to low red blood cells) and immunosuppresed (due to low white blood counts). We can deal with tired and are so happy she's not puking her guts out.

On Tuesday morning, we went for the wig fitting. Sara still says that she will probably not wear a wig, but we've been encouraged to get one just in case. Following are a few pictures with the cranial prosthetics...

Wig 1

Wig 2

Wig 3

Wig 4

Wig 5


Feel free to comment on your favorite. The "wig fitter" told us that a stylist can shape the wigs to better fit Sara's face.

One of Sara's best friends family bought a house about 25 miles North of San Antonio a few months ago. They are in the process of relocating permanently to the Texas Hill Country, but offered us their home until we close on ours. Last night was our first night here and it's like we're at a B&B retreat. This house even came stocked with a loving Grandma! Grandma is here for a few more weeks and has insisted on cooking and cleaning for us. Having a place to call home during this time is a huge blessing and we are so thankful to the Sandovals for offering up theirs.

Sara and Grandma Bennie at Casa de Sandoval

We're going to Austin this afternoon and will be there through the weekend. Look for an update early next week. Take care and thank you for praying. Keep it up!


megan said...

praise God Sara is feeling good.
the new house looks great and ALL of the wigs are cute! i usually say it doesnt matter what clothes my kids where- they are cute with our without them- same goes for the wig- sara is beautiful and which ever wig you choose- or non at all- she'll still be beautiful! great job with all the updates brad! we will contintue praying over here- and putting in prayer requests for you. have a wonderful time @ the b&b :)
hugs and ALOHA
the perry's

Our Life Together said...

Again, I am a friend of Angie's and I continue to pray for you! I actually met you at the mall when you were visiting a while back. You look beautiful no matter what, but I like 4, 5, and the scarf! I love the scarf look and it might be cooler. So glad you are feeling ok! Take care.

Anne K Moore said...

I really really like the short hair!!! so fun and sassy :) cannot wait to see you this weekend girl!!!!

Taylor Design said...

So glad you are feeling well! What a great gift to wake up everyday and feel better than you thought you would. My vote is for #4 but I also love the scarf and imagine the accessorizing you could do. Regardless of the wigs, you are still beautiful outside and in! Keep up the strength, you are such an inspiration to us all.

Melissa-Mom to 3 bugs said...

I vote for #4 or #5. My friend Bev had a wig for sometimes, but chose a scarf for at home mostly, I think. I remember her saying the wig got itchy sometimes.
So glad you've got Grandma and the B&B. What a blessing!
Chapel is having a volunteer appreciation dinner tonight. We will miss seeing you there!

The Young Family said...

Hi I do not know you or your wife, but I have came across your blog a couple of times. I felt so moved by the whole story that I started to pray for your family and the new baby. I am so glad to here she is feeling good with the chemo. Oh and what a blessing from above to get a house with a caring Grandma! Still in our prayers!

sabrina's aunt said...

Hi Sara & Brad

I really like the short wig! Maybe you could get a blond and red wig!
You look great.


Bryce and Lisa said...

i vote NO wig and SCARF!! i honestly think you would look beautiful like this, sar.

we had our little liam a week and a half ago. it is an unreal thing-parenthood. i can't wait for the 2 of you to experience it.

in the meantime, we are praying that His grace would be sufficient for you and His power would be made perfect in your weakness. may He continue to strengthen you in this battle so you can be the best mama to your little one.

i love you both-bryce and i continue to pray...

Jess said...

#4 See you soon hot mama!!!

Anonymous said...

I like 4 and 5 and the scarf, but really you look great in all of them. I'm so glad you are not feeling sick. Thanks Brad for all the updates! We think of you often and will keep praying. Love,
Beth and Matt

Jim said...

So glad to hear you made it through your first treatment with few side effects. As far as wigs go, it doesn't matter, you are beautiful to Charleen and I whether you choose to wear a wig or not. Personally, I was partial to "doo-rags".

Love you,
Jim and Charleen

Melanie said...

I wish we would've known y'all were in Austin! We were there the 17th & 18th. I vote for wig #4 :)

Mike said...

Hi Brad (& Sara),

I came across your blog on Gary Cliffton's email. It's been a long time!! I wish I could bring you and Sara a good "Family Dinner". (But it would be a fair drive...we now live in Ann Arbor, MI.)

Please know that we will be praying for you all daily. Also, congratulations on Baby Sullivan!

Your friends,

Niki (& Mike) Lewis

Anonymous said...

Sara, the last wig was the best if we have to make a choice. But the I like the Scarf the best!!

Broughton Clan said...

I LOVE WIG 2! You look young and sassy! I lvoe you guys and am continuing to pray!

Montgomery said...

yeah a baby girl! Praise God! thinking of you!