Friday, May 1, 2009

The latest...

We spent the morning at the hospital discussing treatment options with the oncologist. Sara is going to receive 4 doses of chemotherapy, spaced every 3 weeks, beginning in mid-May. This is less than we were expecting and is good news. The doctor today reconfirmed that the outcome of this chemo was going to be a CURE for Sara.

The doctors want Sara to get a multitude of tests prior to beginning chemo. She is going to get a chest X-ray, a liver ultrasound, an echocardiogram, some blood tests, and a port-a-cath installed during the next few weeks.

The chest X-ray and liver ultrasound are to test for any metastasis (spreading) of cancer cells. THERE IS NO SPECULATION THAT THE CANCER HAS SPREAD, BUT WE WOULD RATHER BE SAFE THAN SORRY! The echocardiogram is to get a baseline test of the heart prior to chemo. One of the side effects of the Adriamycin (chemo drug) is cardiotoxicity, or damage to the heart muscle. Basically, the heart won't be able to pump blood as efficiently as before.

I'm not sure what the blood tests are looking for specifically, but some "counts" would be higher if the cancer had spread to other organs.

The port-a-cath is going to be inserted under the skin on her upper right chest.


Port-a-cath X-ray

The port-a-cath will simplify the chemo administration and we won't have to worry about the chemo drugs "leaking" into her arm if an IV was not inserted correctly. Bad stuff happens when chemo drugs are not administerd correctly, so we are all for the port. I won't gross you out by showing a video, but if you are interested click on to see a port-a-cath in action.

Please pray for continued health of the baby and that Sara's heart will not be damaged during chemo. Also, we are looking for a house and 2 cars, so pray for smart decisions.

Your prayers are much appreciated.


megan said...

wow! big update!
we will be praying and put in a prayer request at church! have fun house and car shopping- thats so fun!

hugs and aloha,

the perrys

Montgomery said...

miss you and thinking of you! Glad the news keeps getting better! We say prayers with Gracie at night and pray for baby (boy) Sullivan. ; )