Saturday, June 20, 2009

Almost back to normal...

Bianca and Sara

Sara contines to feel well and we had a great time at her 10-year high school reunion last weekend. Many of the people at the reunion knew what was going on with Sara, but lots of her classmates were shocked when the bald pregnant lady hit the dance floor.

"Who is that bald girl?!?"

Deer Park Ladies

I started back to work this past week. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time off, but I'm glad to be working again. I am going to be flying T-38s at Randolph AFB, teaching new Air Force Pilots. I will be in "student-mode" for the next 4 months, re-learning how to fly the T-38 and learning how to be an instructor. I'm excited about the new job and look forward to getting back in a jet (it's been over 3 months).


We were finally able to close on our house this past week and our shipments from Japan will be delivered late next week. We are ready to get settled into our own home and as things start to slow down, life is starting to look "normal" again. After Sara's diagnosis, we were told that "life will never be the same, but you will get accustomed to the NEW NORMAL which your life will become." As we continue our transition to San Antonio, we're getting close to the NEW NORMAL...and it feels great!


Taylor Design said...

A pregnant bald girl on the dance floor. If I didn't already know her, I would want to become her friend immediately! Glad you guys are doing well.

Jennifer said...


I had NO idea that you guys were going through such a hard time. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family! I do not know Sara, but from what I read on here I hope that I get to meet her. She sounds like an AMAZING person. Keep your heads up! And I think the name Chloe Grace is beautiful!!!!

Thinking of you,
Jennifer Morey Ryden

Jim said...

You look beautiful, Sara. Your spirit is inspiring. Keep up the good fight. And Brady, I will look for you when I am on a right base to RWY 30 at SAT.

Love you all,
Jimmy and Charleen

Kim said...

Love the bald prego dance queen!