Thursday, June 4, 2009


The list of possible side effects from chemotherapy is extensive. Sara has not had to deal with too many of them, but the hair loss set in earlier this week. It started on Monday with 10s of hairs coming out when she washed her hair. By Friday morning, her pillow was covered with hair when she woke up (100s of hairs).

So, this weekend was Sara's HEAD SHAVING PARTY. Her entire family came to the lake for the special occasion.

Sara with Callie and Ansley (nieces)

"My hair is falling out"

The Family (pre-shave)

Head Shave Party Participants (pre-shave)

Sara's Haircut

Sara's Hair

Eddie's Haircut (Sara's Dad)

Brent's Haircut (Sara's Brother)

Brad's Haircut

Clive's Haircut (Brad's Stepdad)

Travis' Haircut (Family Friend)

Josh's Haircut (Sara's Brother-in-law)

Angie's Haircut (Sara's Sister)

The Bald Sullivan Family

Sara and Callie

Sara and Sheryl (Sara's Mom)

Us with Linda (Brad's Mom)

Head Shave Party Participants (post-shave)

Bald Heads

The Family (post-shave)

Sara's head shaving turned out to be MUCH more traumatic (lots of tears) on our parents than it was for Sara. Sara was not phased by it!

We were joking earlier on this week about God practicing his math skills, namely subtraction.

Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father. AND EVEN THE VERY HAIRS OF YOUR HEAD ARE ALL NUMBERED. So don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows. --Matthew 10:29-31

Sara will have her next dose of chemo on Monday, and if all goes as planned, we should be closing on our house next week.

These 2 pictures speak for themselves


Broughton Clan said...

WOW! You are so incredible beautiful! I am so proud of you guys!

Donnell said...

The pictures are hilarious. I must say that I feel kinda left out that I couldn't participate. Naw, just kidding. My vote is for Wig 2 but if you can't find a wig that will suffice, there's a place out here in Hawaii called "Da Wig Shop" that should surely meet your needs! LOL. I'm so glad that you guys can find a way to laugh with this experience. As I will always say, you guys are 2 incredible people! Keep me posted.

Sarah Gossner said...

So beautiful...

Jennifer said...

You are BEAUTIFUL Sara! I'm glad that you were able to be surrounded by such great friends and family today. God Bless!

megan said...

YOU rock Sarah! I knew you'd look awesome with or without hair!!!

Anna and Matt said...

You guys are too cute. I actually like the Sinead look on you. There are few people that have the bone structure to pull it off and you definitely do. We love you guys are praying for you!

Taylor Design said...

Um, can I just say you look amazing with a shaved head. You have a perfect head for it. And think of all the time you will save when getting ready every morning. You are an inspiration chica! Thinking and praying for you, Brad and little girl Sulli. Melanie & Joe Taylor - Spain

Jenn Steffens said...

That smile, that family, our God...who needs hair? You all are awesome!

courtneycattb said...

you of course look so beautiful and not pregnant at all you look great lady!!
Keep up the great work and dont worry we are keeping the room open for you guys in AK cant wait to see you!
love and miss you
courtney, glenn cole and the baby that has still yet to be named!

Liz Dahlstrom said...

Sarah you are rockin that hair cut look better than the guys do!! You and Brady are two beautiful people and yall are in my prayers everyday. You guys precious baby girl is going to be super lucky to have parents like you two. Love you guys!