Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's all good!!!!!

Sara and Brady are staying at the hospital tonight. Knowing that many people will be checking for news on Sara's surgery and without internet access at the hospital, he asked me (his mom) to update the blog tonight. It will be neither as informative, nor as inspirational as his updates are, but all that really matters today is letting you know that Sara is doing great!

Surgery lasted about 3 hours this morning. The doctor said everything went well and just as he was expecting. He removed the lump along with tissue on the outside margin. He also removed all the lymph nodes he could get to in her left armpit. All of this will be sent to pathology to check for cancer cells in the nodes and along the edges of the margin. If more than 4 nodes test positive for cancer cells, she will be considered a stage 3. If that is the case, another drug will be added to the chemotherapy regimen. If the margin of the lump tests positive, it may mean another surgery to remove more breast tissue.

Baby Sulli is a little trooper just like his mama. (Brady made me say "his".) A post-surgery ultrasound was done to make sure there were no problems. With a heartbeat of 154 beats per minute, he sounded just fine.

Sara was awake, talking and smiling within a few hours after surgery. A little soreness and nausea couldn't squelch her beautiful, peaceful spirit. When asked if she was nervous before surgery, she said, "Not at all - and I know it was because of all of the prayers for us." She will be discharged tomorrow morning, then straight to the OB for one more ultrasound. They should be "home" early tomorrow afternoon. At that time, Nurse Brady goes on duty 24/7. He gets to do the dirty work, but since he thinks he's a doctor, it's all in a day's work.

Since they will be leaving within a couple weeks and have no address in San Antonio yet, they have asked that you please send any correspondence to my address, which is:

Linda Sullivan
802 Clear Cove Dr.
Granite Shoals, TX 78654

They both feel so blessed by all of your prayers and are, as always, humbled by and eternally grateful for God's awesome love and protection.

The whole family thanks you for your love and support. Keep praying for this precious family of three.

Linda (aka Mom)


Chad, Kim and Shelby said...

We are all glad to hear it went well. We will continue to keep your family in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

YES!!! We are also still praying for you guys and super excited w/ the good news. WE LOVE YOU!

Brittney said...

Fantastic! Thanks for the update. You guys are in our prayers and will stay there. Lots of love, Eli, Brittney and Elie


That is wonderful news! I am a friend of Angies and plan to keep you all in my prayers.