Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tumor, be gone!

Happy Sara (pre-surgery)

It is a HUGE relief to have the cancerous tumor and lymph nodes out of Sara's body! Nightly, for the past month, I would reach over and feel "lefty" in hopes that the tumor had miraculously disappeared. We have been ready to get the cancer out of her body, especially after learning that it was "high-grade" and growing/spreading. Mom did a good job of updating you on the surgery last night, and I have nothing to add.

Angie and Sara (post-surgery)

The Fam

We got some sleep in the hospital last night, which was much needed. The nurse checked on Sara hourly and for the first few of her visits, I would sit up and try to help. However, after what seemed like the 10th visit, Sara and I would not budge as they checked her vital signs. They would wrap the blood pressure cuff around her leg and put the thermometer in her armpit. During each check, the nurse would ask Sara, "How do you feel?" By the end of the night, Sara's only response was a grunt.

We had another ultrasound this morning. In the ultrasound immediately following surgery, there was a heartbeat, but no movement. The doctors said that the anesthesia also puts the baby to sleep. Today, they did some gestational sizing and took lots of measurements. With the results from last weeks blood work and the measurements today, the doctors will be able to test for numerous "chromosomal abnormalities." We got to see lots of images of the little guy today. He was very energetic and moving and bouncing around a lot. We were relieved to see that the surgery and anesthesia seemed to have zero impact thus far.

Baby Sullivan - 12 weeks

We were discharged at 3:00pm this afternoon and are looking forward to some recovery time on the beach. Sara has a drain tube coming out of her armpit that is going to require some of my "nurse duties." In order for her to be discharged, I had to agree and "learn" to change the dressings and drainage bulb.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers during the surgery and recovery. We are glad to have this hurdle behind us and LET THE ROAD TO RECOVERY BEGIN!

But the Lord is faithful, and He will strengthen and protect you from the evil one.
--2 Thessalonians 3:3


Trevor, Jenny & Katie Cichowski said...

I'm so glad to hear that everything went well! ...and love seeing little baby Sullivan too!

spamtheruffins said...

That is one good lookin' boy :-)

Tam said...

Awesome news. So glad to hear about the baby too! Praying for a full recovery! Tamara

Melissa-Mom to 3 bugs said...

Yeah!!! Sara, Brad, and Baby all chilling on the beach--what a great thought! At least there's no snow here in Misawa. We are praying for you continually and lots of folks are asking about you. Keep up the great posting!

Melanie said...

What a great picture of Baby Sulli!

Montgomery said...

you're so funny, Brad. Jeff and I just read all the latest...Praising God...May you have a blessed Resurrection Sunday! Love, JJ&G

Rhonda said...

So grateful for the blessing of a successful surgery. "...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion..." (Phil. 1:6) Still praying for all of you!

Anonymous said...

The picture of the baby is unbelievable! What a great shot! Glad that things are continuing to go well. We love you three! :) Love, Tiff & Gabe

m.ann said...

Sara and Brady,

I have been thinking of you often from Sweet Home Alabama, and I am thankful that the surgery went well. I got teary eyed reading about all of the procedures-thank the Lord you are so dang strong! LOve LOVE LOVe you!

Meghan Ann

Don said...

Baby Sullivan
Miss you guys. Love you and God Bless


Rina said...


Rina said...

prayers are with you and your family..