Tuesday, April 28, 2009

San Antonio

The Alamo

We arrived in San Antonio on Monday afternoon after a weekend in Houston with family. We are staying in an on-base apartment until we find a house.

Sara is healing up and feeling better everyday. The nausea has subsided and she has lots more energy.

Sara had an unplanned appointment today with the surgery clinic at Wilford Hall. I was contemplating not blogging about this, but we've been descriptive thus far.

The site on her back, where the drain tube was, started to look odd on Sunday. Imagine one of this guys ears (in the popped out condition) sticking out of Sara's back. We were hoping that this "ear" would deflate back into her skin, but it did not. So, I called the surgical clinic. They told us to come in and they would fit us in. The doctor at Wilford Hall already knew about Sara's case when we got there. He attended medical school with the surgeon from Misawa, who has been in contact with him. Once again, another seamless transition...

Back to the "popped out ear"... He told us that "tissue granularization" is natural and is part of the healing process. He then said, "Sara, this is what we may consider EXCESSIVE granularization." He applied some Silver Nitrate to the spot and we waited a few minutes for it to be "chemically cauterized." Then unbeknownst to Sara, he took some scissors and cut it off. She now has a flat black area where the "ear" was. This should heal up with no other complications.

We will be back at Wilford Hall on Friday to talk about chemotherapy and then again early next week for an OB appointment and probably the first round of chemo.

Thanks for checking up on us.



Tami said...

Way to go, Sara! Leave it to you to not heal half way, but to do it "excessively" -- you (and your body) give everything 110%. Glad you made it to San Antonio safely!

Rhonda said...

Sara is so fortunate to have a loving husband to stand beside her through all this...even to watch the cutting of the "ear!" Maybe you really should switch from flying to doctoring, Brady! You obviously have the stomach for it!
Continuing to pray for your family and for complete healing for Sara!
Love & Prayers,

Melissa-Mom to 3 bugs said...

Everyone clapped at the chapel service on Sunday when it was announced that Sara are cleared at Hawaii and heading to San Antonio. You're in our "old stompin' ground" now. Housing at Randolph is not too bad. Some nice places off base too. Keep us posted on the latest (even the "ear" things!)
Melissa for all

The Driscoll Family said...

Sara, you are missed dearly. You are in our daily thoughts and prayers. Misawa is not the same without you! XOXO!

Karen said...

Sara, so glad to hear that things are going well with the surgeries and especially with baby Sullivan. By the way, welcome to San Antonio! We are up in Schertz. I'll give you a call. We leave in a month for Colorado, but I hope to be able to stop in and see you before we go! I love your blog and think that Brady is awesome for keeping us all updated!
Karen Higbee