Thursday, March 26, 2009

Time in Japan...

The past few weeks have been GREAT! We were welcomed back to Misawa by a group of friends waiting at the airport. We felt like celebrities as we walked out of the baggage claim area to a round of applause. Why is it that we never seem to enjoy things to their maximum potential until they are about to be taken away?!? We both feel like we have "done life to the fullest" while stationed at Misawa, but I think we took some of the enjoyable day to day things for granted.

Sara has spent much of her time at lunches and coffee shops with her friends. The afternoon nap has also become a scheduled portion of her day. Apparently, it takes large amounts of energy to make a baby in your belly. She has also made it to the gym (her old "home away from home") to tell her aerobics/yoga students goodbye.

Sara and her Yoga Friends

I have been busy trying to tie up loose ends and get out-processed from the base. I also got to fly an F-16 over to Korea for a few days to tell my squadron farewell (the jets were already scheduled to go, I just happened to fly one of them). It was very therapeutic for me to "do my own thing" for a few days. The past month has been focused on all of life's changes, but to wake up early, drive in to work, get in the jet, and go flying made me feel like all was back to normal. I am so grateful for the opportunity to tell my friends good bye and to get to fly an F-16 one last time (for now, at least).


We have airline tickets to Hawaii booked and will be departing Misawa on Wednesday, April 1.

For those of you in Misawa... Some of our friends are organizing a "Sayonara to the Sullivans" Farewell Reception at the Mokuteki Community Center on Monday, March 30 from 6 - 9 PM. Please stop by if you are able.

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