Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Father's Love...

For the past few weeks, I have not been able to get this thought out of my head...

As I spend time with my heavenly father each day, I cannot help but think about my own dad, and the fact that my beloved husband is about to become a daddy as well. I tell Chloe everyday how blessed she is, to not only have a heavenly father who loves her more than she will ever understand, but also an earthly father who cannot wait to hold her and love on her. I get so excited for this precious relationship that Chloe and Brady will get to experience. There is such a special bond between a father and that I believe is so important and cannot wait for Brady to experience. I tell Brady all the time that he will have such an important impact on how Chloe views herself, and her confidence in who she is as a young girl, teenager, and woman.

I am so blessed to have a father who has always made me feel like a princess. Not in a snooty, bratty, or cheesy way, but in a way that I knew I was special, beautiful, and precious in my father's sight. I never had to turn to guys to get the male attention that we as girls, teenagers, and young women so desperately desire. My daddy was always there for me, and for this I am forever grateful (as is Brady). I truly believe that one of the reasons it has been so easy for me to see God as a loving father, who desires nothing but the best for me, is because my dad has been nothing but a loving and supportive father to me for my entire life.

Me and My Daddy

I have never questioned God or wondered why certain things happen...I have always had this confidence and trust in Him, believing with all my heart that He walks with me through all of life's trials. There is so much comfort in knowing that my God, my Father, is with me and will never forsake me. Through this journey, during the past 6 months, I can say that I have clung to God's word, especially when He tells me not to fear.

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. --Isaiah 41:10

I have told Brady that I feel as thought the Lord has always "kept me." I have never questioned His existence or His love for me...this is a prayer that I pray for Chloe. I pray that she will feel as though she always has a special bond and love, not only for her daddy, but for her heavenly father as well.

I know that Brady will be an amazing father, as he has been the most amazing husband to me. I hate that I am currently in a position where he has to take care of everything...and I just sit. He has been such a picture of what Christ has called him to be.

Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her, to make her holy... --Ephesians 5:25

Since we received the news about the cancer, Brady has done nothing but make sacrifices for me and our precious baby. I pray daily that he will allow the Lord to be his strength because I know without the Lord, it would be an even harder task, and one that would probably make him bitter.

I will end this with a sweet story that made my heart leap, as I saw this special bond already developing. Last Saturday night, Brady was in Houston for his high school reunion. As we were telling each other goodnight (on the phone), I asked him to say "goodnight" to Chloe. I put the phone down on my belly for Brady to talk to his baby girl. After a few seconds, she started to kick at the phone. I thought it was the neatest thing; she heard her daddy's voice and was responding to it. I could not wait to share this with Brady, but I let him talk a little more as she continued to kick at his voice. I cannot wait to see my precious husband holding our baby girl...the thought of it brings tears to my eyes.

Chloe and Her Daddy

Becoming parents is truly an amazing gift that the Lord has entrusted us with, and we praise Him for this. I cannot help but think about the sacrifice He made for us as I think about becoming a parent. He gave the greatest gift of all, when He gave his son Jesus to die for us. I am brought back to the cross and am overwhelmed with gratitude for this gift of redemption. What am amazing gift we our Father's love.


The Valente Life said...

The three of you have been such a blessing in my life over the past several months. Your growth in Christ has reminded me how important complete faith is to a vital walk with Christ. A friend that I reconnected with today posted this verse to help him make it through the day and then you post your update. God is speaking to me through my friends and I am so blessed by his attempts to get through to me:

The Lord directs our steps, so why try to understand everything along the way. Proverbs 20:24

Cami said...

Sara I am so excited for you! You are right, there is nothing more precious to me than to see my husband and kids interact. It is wonderful and make my heart burst with joy every time I see my kids smile at their Dad.
You are amazing, and Chole is just as lucky to have you for a mother. Japan isn't the same without you, but I am glad I met you before it was time for you to leave.
-Cami F

Brooke said...

Sara, what beautiful words you have spoken!! I am encouraged by your latest post. The story about Chloe kicking when she heard Brady's voice was amazing--wow! Praying and thinking of you, Brady and Chloe. love, Brooke

rebecca r said...

sara, you are so amazing and i feel so lucky to know someone who has faith like you. i am so so excited to meet chloe.

Holly W. said...

Oh my goodness, I love the photo of Brady kissing your belly. I will continue to pray for you and Chloe. Her arrival is going to be extraordinary. May God Bless you and comfort you during your stay in the hospital.

Montgomery said...

Your blog brings such praise and glory to God! Thanks for sharing your joy in the midst of trials. Sara, your blog made me weep--again--tears of joy this time!! We love you guys!

Shawn said...

Thank you so much for your faithfulness - you are a true testament of God's love to so many, myself included. I can't wait to meet Chloe, as I'm sure you're all anxious. I hope these next few weeks on bed rest fly by! Love you guys. - Hillary & Shawn Walsh