Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Another trip...

Sara could not handle the thought of having a relaxing weekend at home, so at 5:00AM on Sunday morning, we got in the car and drove to Wilford Hall...AGAIN!

She started bleeding early Sunday morning, and the doctors gave us strict "come back" criteria. The bleeding met that criteria and we were hospital-bound. Chloe is fine and Sara is doing well. She was admitted after a few hours in triage, but after another exam, lots of Chloe testing, and some more lab work, they allowed her to come home on Monday afternoon.

Callie, Sara and Ansley (nieces)

The doctor told us that she is not on strict bed rest, but the less movement she does, the better. I feel like I tell her to "sit down" or "quit moving" at least every 15 minutes. Chloe is moving a lot and still seems unaware of the "placenta trauma" that has taken place. On Tuesday, the OB will do another growth scan to make sure Chloe's growth has not stalled out. Sara's belly gets bigger every week, so we're not too concerned about this.

Chloe Grace - 28 weeks

Though San Antonio is experiencing a severe drought right now, it seems that the "storms" continue over the Sullivan household...BRING THE RAIN!


Rhonda said...

Brady & Sara,
Be assured that GOD himself is right there in the midst of your storms...the clouds are merely the dust of his feet, according to Oswald Chambers in "My Utmost For His Highest." What a beautiful sweet face little Chloe has. How can anyone doubt there is a GOD when they can see a perfectly shaped eye like hers, within the womb? Keep the faith. Stay strong. He will not fail you.

ptmeg said...

You guys are such an encouragement to us! I can't imagine how hard it is to not feel sorry and feel defeated, but please know how great your witness is that you choose to believe God has a plan anyway! You are both doing amazing things for God and for others by choosing to have such a great attitude...I'll be praying that Jesus gives you the patience and joy to keep it up for a couple more months!
Paul and Megan

Bryce and Lisa said...

yes, bring it! we're praying for you guys!