Friday, August 21, 2009

A Healthy Heart...

Sara's echocardiogram results came back with good news. Her heart was NOT damaged by the Adriamycin. The potential for permanent damage from the chemo had been one of our biggest concerns. After this phase of life is behind us, Sara wants teach aerobics again and since her heart is "good to go" she will be able to get back to the gym.

We were hoping for Sara to be able to come home after the weekend, but after a few more "bleeding episodes" while at the hospital, she has secured herself a spot in the Antepartum Ward until Chloe arrives. However, Sara's stay might not be too long...she started having "regular contractions" this morning and when I called her after my flight today, she said they might be moving her to the Labor and Delivery wing. I sped to the hospital.

Throughout the day, the contractions subsided and have become irregularly spaced (i.e. not labor contractions). The doctors told us that the contractions could have been a result of the bleeding (the uterus was aggravated by the blood and was trying to expel it) or the contractions could have caused the bleeding. Still lots of unknowns.

Upon further discussions with the doctor, she said that the baby looks great and that these irregular contractions could go on for weeks or we could have a baby in the next few days. This morning, Sara received a second dose of steroids to accelerate Chloe's lung development. They told us before, that they would only inject a second round of steroids if they expected delivery within the next 14 days. We are excited to meet Chloe, but want her to stay inside for a few more weeks.

The doctors also told us that they are not going to do anything to prevent labor from occurring. With the abruption, they will allow Sara to deliver when her body decides it is time.

On Monday afternoon, Chloe will have another growth scan. This will be a telltale sign of when we can expect her. If there has been no growth during the past 2 weeks, the doctors will induce labor. Basically, Sara's placenta is shot from the chemo and if it is not providing enough nutrients for growth, they need to get Chloe into the NICU and support her outside the womb.

As we continue our journey into the unknown, we are continuing to trust...with our 2 HEALTHY HEARTS!


Rhonda said...

May God continue to flood your hearts and minds with His grace, mercy and peace. He is FAITHFUL!

tracy said...

It was such a blessing to visit with you today. Despite everything that you have endured and continue to face you are positively glowing. In addition to that wonderful "pregnancy glow" I know that the Holy Spirit living within you is radiating through you. Your strength and peace are such a testament to your faith in Him. I am only one of many that is praying for you, Brady and
Little Miss Chloe and I stand in awe at His work in you and through you.

Melanie said...

Make that three healthy hearts (yours, Sara's, and Chloe's)!

I can't remember when the due date was--how far along is Sara?