Friday, September 4, 2009

Five Years and Counting...

Sara and I had an "unforgettable" 5th anniversary at Wilford Hall. Even though it was not where we would have liked to have was another memorable step on our journey together! Our dinner consisted of pizza and pasta from the gourmet restaurant called Pizza Hut...seriously. However, it hit the spot. Some of the ladies from our squadron brought us some sparkling cider and dessert which "classed up" our Pizza Hut meal.

5 Years - Wilford Hall / San Antonio, TX

As I attempted to sleep on the floor next to Sara's hospital bed (on an air mattress), I started thinking about our past 5 years of marriage. Where we've been and what we've my love for her has grown stronger and stronger with each amazed I am at how she has continued to SHINE through this past honored I am to call her my wife!

I cannot pinpoint why I was unable to get a wink of sleep...maybe it was the fact that Sara gets up to go to the bathroom every hour...or maybe it was the bright orange light that was shining under Sara's bed...or maybe it was the green LEDs flashing on her bed control (right next to my face). Maybe, IT WAS THE FACT THAT I WAS ON THE FLOOR OF A HOSPITAL ON MY ANNIVERSARY NIGHT!

As Sara stated in the last blog, it is against the rules for husbands to stay the night in the Antepartum Ward. Sara asked her doctor if it was going to be a problem if I stayed, and he told her it would probably be okay. However, he made sure she understood that there was to be no "extracurricular activities" as he put it. The final decision was up to the night shift nurse, and she was awesome.

We watched a movie and just enjoyed spending time together. We are so ready to be back together under the same roof!

We don't have much news to report. Chloe will have another growth scan on Wednesday. The plan is to let Sara continue to progress with the pregnancy until around 36 weeks. If labor hasn't begun by that point, they will look at inducing. The docs could induce anytime, but we want to be able to bring Chloe home soon after her arrival (hopefully no NICU time), so we are going to push it back as long as possible. The reason that Sara is still in the hospital is just in case there is a complete placental abruption. They would need to do an emergency C-section in that case. Not likely, but we are opting to be more conservative and plan for the worst case and hope and pray for the best.

Here are a few pictures from our past anniversaries.

4 Years - Misawa, Japan

3 Years - Slide Rock State Park / Sedona, AZ

2 Years - Korean Folk Village / Suwon, South Korea

1 Year - Sheppard AFB / Wichita Falls, TX

Fall of 1998

We are amazed at all that we've experienced since we met each other 11 years ago. We look forward to the future together as we begin the new chapter of life called PARENTHOOD. Keep praying!


Brittney said...

the last picture is my favorite!!

Rhonda said...

The key to contentment is to refuse to define your life by your present circumstances...Praying little Chloe stays safe and sound growing inside her mother's tummy until the timing is JUST RIGHT! God bless you both.

A Fun Family said...

Congratulations, you two :) Glad you could be together on your 5th anniversary,even if it was "uneventful!" We rejoice with you at the blessing of 5 years of marriage! May God continue to be glorified through your lives. Glad to hear things are going well...we pray that trend will continue as you await little Chloe's arrival.

Andolicious said...

I just found your blog and I am so saddened for your loss. Sara is such a beautiful person. And wow she looks so genuinely happy. I'm sorry that you and Chloe now have to live without Sara. I don't understand why things like this happen to good people. It sure sounds like Sara really did enjoy her few days with Chloe. I bet she was over the moon with that beautiful baby of yours. I pray that God will give you strength when you feel weak and comfort you. God bless you.

Kel said...

I was just shared this blog and my heart smiled and cried all at once. Seeing the one of your 5 yr anniversary and seeing Wilford Hall.. my husband did all of his treatment at Wilford Hall in 94 for 6 mos and jan and feb of 95 radtiation... I am so sorry for your loss but so glad that you have the love of our brother Christ with you and baby Chloe as you begin this new chapter in your love story that God is writing for you. God bless Kelly